Computer Equipment

Information Technology today, demands high expertise and experience. At Computers, a division of Kosher Global Trading is more than just delivering our expertise and experience, we believe in delivering customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

IT is becoming the backbone of any industry. Ignoring the importance of a reliable service support will be catastrophic. No, doubt Computers can offer you the much needed IT backbone service and support to your industry, we deal with Desktop computers, laptops ( notebooks), netbooks, tablets, servers, ALL IN ONE PC, thin clients, and workstations from famous brands like HP, Apple, Lenovo, Microsoft, Dell and etc.

Moreover, our company trades all of them at affordable prices, cheap international shipping, and free delivery in Dubai.

If you have a big order or you are reseller after registration on our website you can contact us to get partner discount.

Despite you are inside or outside UAE, we have international shipping option, so we can deliver your order to any country.