About Us

Kosher Global Trading FZCO is backed by professional logistic support from leading shipping lines to enable easy access around the world. Shipments are sent by various means as it all depends on what type of cargo it is.

Usually, our vehicles are shipped by (car carriers/ Ro-Ro vessels, Closed Containers or even land transport).

Note that the Bill of loading and other necessary documents are sent by courier once our cargo has been shipped. We can arrange for inspection to check the safety and quality of your vehicle should it be required by your country.

What We Offer

Kosher Global Trading Offers range of import and export services

Vehicle’s shipping

We “sell”vehicles and than ship them to customers.

Smartphone’s wholesale

Wholesale distributors for smartphones devices. Qualified suppliers with the latest models available on the market.

Tablets & Computer wholesale

Get the best options. Tablets at wholesale prices with great price discounts. We sell closeouts.